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Leader of the Pack K9 Training

2016 graduate of Starmark Academy, I have been training and educating both dogs and people for the past 5 years. After my schooling, I turned my passion for helping others by training dogs & coaching people into a profession. I am a rewards-based balanced dog trainer, correctly and efficiently using both positive and aversive techniques along with clear communication that produces real results. Leadership, pack structure and the relationship between you and your dog is what I seek to improve and build upon with all of my clients. My motto is simple... "Lead And They Will Follow!"
Job Title: Owner
Training Equipment: As a balanced trainer, I use the equipment that best suits the needs of my clients and their canine companions. The most common tool I use is crystal clear communication.
Training Philosophy: Treat and approach each dog as a unique individual with their own history and experiences. Set each dog up for success by rewarding and acknowledging wanted/good behavior and provide appropriate/meaningful corrections to discourage unwanted behavior.
Locations Served: All of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson
The dog training world can be so confusing with endless opinions and misinformation about dog training. Not to mention judgemental and condescending dog trainers and those with unusual and eccentric methods. It's hard to know what works, what applies and what doesn't. Should you correct or punish your dog? If so, when, how, and to what extent? Should you use food or are you just bribing them? Will you need to use food and treats forever? Is it okay for your dog to be on the furniture, beg for food, bite and nip during play or greet guests at the door? How many times should you say a command before it yields a response? My job is to adequately answer all of your questions and provide you with all of the information, techniques, and tools that are available and needed for you to be successful. From basic to off-leash obedience, dog walking to behavior modification, I'm here to help. My goal is to simplify dog training and help you and your dog establish a clear line of communication so your dog understands exactly what you want and expect from them while looking to you for direction.
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Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
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