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APDT Member Since 2018

Respectful Communications Animal Training

When you want to use "cues" and not "commands", and your desire is to build a strong human-animal bond with your dog, then you're looking for the kind of training that I offer.
Designations: BA, LSHU-S, DN-CPCP, FFCP - Animal Trainer
Job Title: Trainer
Training Equipment: 🐾🐾 Flat collars or harnesses (no choke, prong, or electronic collars), flat leashes (no retractable leashes)
Training Philosophy: Fear Free® and Low Stress Handling® positive rewards pet care and training based on Linda Michael's Hierarchy of Dog's Needs®
Locations Served: Pickens County, Georgia
Languages: English
🐾🐾Welcome to my profile and thank you for viewing my credentials! I am a non-smoking, proactive multi-Certified Pet Care Professional with over 18 years of ongoing career pet care experience, available client and industry references, up-to-date continuing education in pet care, and a yearly 3rd party background check through Acutraq. My career goal and my promise to you is to protect and defend one of your most valuable assets... your pet. I focus on providing quality age and species-specific care, exercise, and mental stimulation for your pet so that their time away from you in their own home is rewarding, peaceful, and fun. Training for established clients focuses on less leash reactivity and calm loose leash walking. 🐾🐾 Credentials / Qualifications: -- Fear Free® Elite Certified Professional -- -- Fear Free® Equine Course - Certificate of Completion (Fear Free®) -- -- Fear Free® Avian Course - Certificate of Completion (Fear Free®) -- -- Fear Free® Certified Animal Trainer Course -- -- Fear Free® Shelters Course Graduate -- -- Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified -- -- Pet Tech PetSaver® CPR / First Aid trained -- -- Doggone Safe Dog Bite Safety Educator -- -- AKC Canine Good Citizen® Evaluator -- -- AKC Temperament Test Evaluator -- -- DogNostics Certified Pet Care Professional (DN-CPCP) -- -- Certified Professional Pet Sitter® (CPPS) -- -- Dog Trainer Foundations Certificate (Karen Pryor Academy) -- -- Risk Assessment & Safely Handling Multiple Dogs Certificate (Doggone Safe)-- -- The Infectious Disease Management Program Certificate (Vetfolio) -- -- Bonded / Insured as employee of a local pet sitting company -- -- Yearly Background check by Acutraq -- 🐾🐾 Professional Affiliations: -- Friend of INTO Dogs -- -- Member of The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) -- -- Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) -- -- Member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals -- -- Associate Member of The International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) -- -- Supporting Member of The International Assoc. of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) --
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Clicker Training
In-Home Training
Private Lessons
Puppy Classes
Puppy Socialization
Shy and Fearful