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DOGS 101

We are a small training facility, that focuses mostly on basics. Our classes are small 4 people maximum. We also due private lesson that focus on certain request from our handlers. Am a very hands on
Training Equipment: Leash is my primary teaching tool. We also have a walking course with several obstacles, But my biggest and best teaching tool is the dog's handler. Teach through Trust from your dog
Training Philosophy: I use the word Teach over Train. I try to instill my 3C's 1.Confidence, 2.Calmness & 3. Consistency. I believe consistency is the key, and if you are consistence it will turn to habit between you and your dog. I teach to establishing eye contact
Locations Served: We serve the Oklahoma City, Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, the Tri-Cities area( Newcastle, Blanchard, Tuttle) & anyone from anywhere who would like to participate. We are located in Bridge Creek, Ok.
Basic Obedience... A small class of the basic fundamentals of training. The first thing we teach is establishing Eye-Contact, if "They aren't Looking, They aren't Listening". Then we work on the 7 Basic Commands. Lots of on leash walking. Deaf Dog Training... Have owned nothing but Deaf Dogs for the last 15 years, have a method of touch and eye contact and non- verbal commands. All my Deaf Dogs came from rescue all were severely abused, they are all High Profile Therapy Dogs. Walking Classes...The basics of walking, teaching loose leash, heel & stop and sit. Special Needs...We love working with the Special Needs community, helping families work with there pets to make them safe around their Special Needs Loved Ones. We owe a lot to the Special Needs Community for all they have done for us with the work they have helped us with in training our Therapy Dogs. Therapy Dogs... We are planning on adding Therapy Dog Training in the near future, more info later
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