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APDT Member Since 2003

Red Rover Pet Services LLC (formerly Sylvan Bark)

Education for all ages: group study, small group intensive sessions, one-on-one, freestyle & other sports, practical dog experiences, socialization opportunities; cage-free day/nightcare; grooming; retail.
Training Equipment: * Clickers to teach position * Sens-ible and other front-connect harnesses for walking control * Gentle Leader and other head halters for maximum control on leash * buckle collar and 6' leash
Training Philosophy: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Only use methods you would wish others to use on you. Pleasant motivation is preferable to punishment. Be fair, consistent, and use boundaries.
Locations Served: Nashville TN area, including most surrounding counties
Heidi Dixner, lead teacher, is an experienced cooperational trainer who utilizes positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. She has helped people successfully desensitize their canine companion to fearful situations, such as meeting other dogs and people. We offer positive reinforcement training that builds an effective relationship between humans and canines. Building Relationship classes teach basic obedience and beyond. Classes are open to all ages and use the levels system to ensure constant learning and minimize boredom. Social time is available as appropriate for similar size dogs who have similar play styles. For puppies we help people build foundations for confident adult dogs and relaxed competitors. Behavior and learning your dog's body language are important components of all classes. Opportunities to increase your dog's attention and perform off-leash heel include Freestyle, a sport that utilizes heel and various positions. The end result resembles a choreographed dance with your dog. We want you to have fun with your dog and create a bonded relationship that will give you both a full and satisfying life together in our human society!
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training