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APDT Member Since 2006

A Hippie Dog

Holistic Animal Behavior & Training. Private in-home behavior help, classes & other services. Dog trainer mentorship program. Shelter & rescue consultant.
Training Equipment: Clickers, treats, Easy Walks, Gentle Leaders...
Training Philosophy: Positive training based on the LIMA (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive) principle. Reward Based Training.
Locations Served: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Twin Cities metro, Minnesota. I travel out of state for field dog,positive gun dog, antler shed dog and doggie detectives seminars.
Hippie Dog offers holistic animal behavior & training services for all breeds of dog. Dog trainer mentorship program. Shelter/rescue and dog daycare consultant. Inga also offers Positive Field Sports for the Family Dog. Geared towards sporting breed dogs. For more info:
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training