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APDT Member Since 2013

Hoof and Paws Pet Care, LLC

I offer behavior consultations in the client's home as well as private sessions and group classes to help the owner establish a leadership role with the canine family member.
Training Equipment: Training is done with proven, consistent methods using positive reward techniques. Equipment used is only flat collars and leashes; no harsh prong collars allowed nor electric shock collars.
Training Philosophy: My goal is to teach the owner how to establish consistent, repeatable communication with the dog that results in a well-behaved dog for a lifetime with the family.
Locations Served: Services are offered in Downtown Raleigh, North Raleigh and Wake Forest (25 mile radius). Classes are taught at City Parks, a private horse farm in the area, and on a rotational schedule to public venues for practice of canine good citizenship skills.
Fun and games is what family pet ownership is all about in the canine world but the fun and games need to include learning, obedience and training. A puppy needs schooling in play activities; a mature dog appreciates modeling good citizenship skills and interaction with other furry companions; a canine senior citizen values mental and physical exercises to help with age-related challenges. The best investment a dog owner can make for a furry family member at any of these life stages is to take advantage of one of my most popular services, ENRICHMENT OUTINGS. When the dog comes home, the owner knows he has been to school during that outing but the fur kid thinks he's just been out for fun and games!
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Fun Games
Private Lessons
Private Training