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Happy Pals Dog Training

I graduated from Penn Foster Career School on July 28th, 2015. I became a trainer due to my families need for a Service Dog. They are so expensive and the people that need them the most are usually on a tight budget So, I started my journey into dog training. I started with our Lab to alert to my sons low blood sugar at first. Then I trained other dogs for practice. I trained a ptsd dog, a seizure response dog, and a autism dog. Since then I have trained so many dogs. I really educated myself on psychiatric service dogs as I wanted to help as many wounded warriors and battered woman and children that I can. We specialize in Service Dogs for Psychiatric Disabilities.
Job Title: Dog Trainer
Training Philosophy: I believe in all things positive. I use treat training and clicker training first and foremost! Not all trainings are a one size fits all, so your training is tailored to your happy friend.
Locations Served: Galveston County and Surrounding Areas.
We pride ourselves with the quality training we provide our clients with while helping them to train Service Dogs for psychiatric disabilities such as PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, or any other chemical imbalance of the brain. We have a one of a kind program that takes dedication and self discipline. We help close the gap for people that are self training and this also makes the training more affordable. Our process takes anywhere from a year or two to finish. You might finish sooner if you keep up on homework and train everyday. We dedicate ourselves to you, and we will be there every step of the way.
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Assistance Service Dog
Clicker Training
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