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Comprehensive Canine Training

Methods used: force-free, fear-free, positive training; clicker training Kate Godfrey, ABCDT, owner of Comprehensive Canine Training, LLC, is an honors graduate of the Dog Obedience Instructor Program of Animal Behavior College. Certified Fear Free Trainer. Member: APDT & PPG
Certifications: ABCDT
Designations: Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer
Job Title: Dog Trainer
Training Equipment: I highly recommend clients use harnesses on their dogs, though a collar can be used so long as aversive techniques are not used.
Training Philosophy: Comprehensive Canine Training uses force-free, science-based methods for reliable and long-lasting results. By training and reinforcing the behavior that you do want, the likelihood of the dog offering that behavior increases.
Locations Served: Jacksonville, Florida
Kate has always had a love for animals and a fondness for dogs. During college, she began pet sitting and dog walking for family and friends. This quickly blossomed into a business. As time went on, training became more important to Kate and she realized that there was indeed a need for it. Through experience and education, Kate learned firsthand that force, fear, and pain are not necessary for training and can actually be counterproductive with various unintended consequences. How you train your dog is a personal decision, but Kate offers the opportunity to train your dog with methods that do no harm.
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Clicker Training
Group Training
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Private Training