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I am a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine specializing in behavior modification of companion dogs, including aggression, and I am Certified Professional Dog Trainer who adheres to positive, force-free training methods.
Job Title: Owner
Training Equipment: Buckle collar, harness, clicker; I do not use any equipment considered aversive.
Training Philosophy: What is Dogology? It's a belief that every dog should be treated humanely, with kindness and respect, without force or fear. Simply put, Dogology reconnects dogs and their people.
Locations Served: Servicing the south, far south and southwest suburbs of Chicago and northwest Indiana. Additional travel charges may apply.
Thank you for searching the APDT for your dog's training and behavior needs. Services Offered: In-home behavior consultations, behavior modification/rehabilitation and private lessons. Behavior Consultations, Assessments and Behavior Change Programs: Does your dog have a troubling behavior? Behavior problems can be frustrating and often scary, but they don't have to be. Relax, I will help you understand your dog's concerning behavior its underlying cause. This is the first step in developing a sensible behavior change program that is targeted to produce real results using positive, force-free methods. It is rewarding to provide people with a deeper understanding of why dogs do what they do. I support the belief that when both dog and family "speak" the same language, they reach a mutual respect and understanding that reconnects them as a whole. This sets people and their dogs on a path toward success. I am actively involved in the rehabilitation of shelter and rescue dogs and work closely with those communities to help dogs find permanent, loving homes.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Private Lessons
Private Training