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APDT Member Since 2016

K9-Behavior Company

Group Puppy Classes for pups ages 8 to 18 weeks. Private training for owners to teach puppies or adult dogs manners, service tasks, truffle hunting or behavior modification. Customized plan for each dog/owner at owner's & dog's pace.
Certifications: CPDT-KA, CTC
Designations: Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Job Title: President / Trainer
Training Equipment: Treats, clickers, collars, harnesses & head halters, crates, leashes, long lines, toys, tug ropes, Kongs, balls, target rugs, target sticks, voice cues, body language, hand signals, body posture & more!
Training Philosophy: Positive reinforcement and reward based training. Owners learn to train their own dog with games & exercises that are fun for owner and dog. Owners become confident and able to train & manage their dog for a wonderful life-long relationship.
Locations Served: Douglas County, Oregon
I teach private sessions - you, your family & the dog at your home or other locations – whatever makes sense for what you & your dog. Training content and schedules are also customized for each client & dog(s). See web site for puppy class schedules. I use positive reinforcement methods and teach many behaviors with games - very effective and help you keep a wonderful relationship with your dog. My goal is to teach you to train your dog yourself so you are not reliant on me and you become confident managing and training your dog on your own! I charge $150 for a 1st session which is 1 1/2 hours. Single additional 1-hour sessions are $100, then $80 after the 4th. Sometimes single behavior issues can be resolved in one session. More issues, a difficult issue, multiple dogs, or starting a puppy out right takes more time - so I offer a package of 3 visits for $330. Your choice - decide after the 1st session - get to know your trainer so you will know 1) if you are seeing changes right away, 2) have good rapport & 3) feel confident about the training methods. Follow-up visits last 1 hour each and are scheduled typically 2-5 weeks apart as needed for you & your dog. Unless there is an unusual issue or specific complex goal, my clients rarely need more than 3 sessions. (Truffle Dog Training has special scheduling). If you are more than 20 miles from Wilbur, Oregon, I charge an additional 50 cents per mile each way, if I come to your location. I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire (via email) to evaluate your dog's whole environment so we can start training right away instead of taking so much of our valuable training time together covering the easy, yet very important initial questions. I’ll also ask you to sign a waiver. I'm available anytime by phone or email for FREE during & after our sessions for questions & progress reports. This is an important feature since exercises for dogs may need tweaking along the way – so we do that quickly with just a call or email. Look forward to working w/ you and your dog!! Cheers! Deb
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