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APDT Member Since 2003

Just Like Home Pet Sitting and Training

In-home private consultations and training for behavior problems, specialty with young puppies, separation anxiety, and basic house/public manners. I offer small semi-private classes, up to 4 students at a time.
Training Equipment: leather leashes and nylon slip collars, lots of treats/toys
Training Philosophy: I like to use positive games and humor so that the human grasps the exercises and the dog has fun. If both human and dog are having fun, better retention of the lesson.
Locations Served: Menlo Park north to Belmont/Foster City, and south to Sunnyvale/Cupertino; east to Woodside, Ladera/Portola Valley
I like using positive reinforcement (clicker + reward) food/toy treats but I also believe that a puppy/dog should learn that there are consequences to misbehavior. That said my negative consequences only use a simple collar correction, or a time out and then we start again. Equipment used includes leash, slip collar and/or prong collar. NO fancy halters or head harnesses as I consider these to frequently cause harm to a dog's neck. This type of equipment was designed to be used with horses (my opinion). Not all training programs work with every dog - I like to customize my plan for each unique pet.
Services Offered
AKC Obedience
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Private Lessons
Private Training