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Dog Training For Owners

Services include obedience, behavior shaping & modification, service and therapy training for your dog; and leadership, communication and psychology skills for you. We are also authorized to certify Therapy Dogs.
Training Equipment: We are well-versed in a variety of training equipment. Because all dogs are different, the proper equipment must be selected based on the dog, the task at hand, and your goals.
Training Philosophy: Our philosophy on dog training can be found on our website at:
Locations Served: El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Loomis, Shingle Springs, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Sacramento, Auburn, and many other areas of El Dorado County, Placer County, and Sacramento County
Dog Training for Owners is not your run-of-the-mill trainers who receive certificates from a dog training course and then attempt to “train” your dog using cookie-cut techniques. From more than three decades of real world experience ranging from obedience, protection and patrol dog training to emotional support, service dog, and therapy dog training and certification, we know firsthand that every dog is different. Not only do dogs vary in breed, size and temperament, each dog is also a unique individual with its own personality, energy level, likes and dislikes, and so on. Similarly, as a dog owner, you are likely also different than other owners, and have different expectations of your beloved canine. Our experience also shows that a strong bond between a dog and its owner pays big dividends when it comes to training. Thus, the key to success in any dog training program begins with training the owner or handler of the dog. Our methods not only involve training your dog, but also focus on teaching YOU training techniques that serve to enhance the bond and relationship you already have with your best friend. We show you how to use this enhanced bond to motivate your pal to want to learn. Think about that for a moment. Do you think dogs would rather learn the things they HAVE TO learn or the things they WANT to learn? You will also learn how to earn your dog’s respect as a fair and just leader, and how to communicate effectively with your buddy in a way he or she understands. This not only paves the way for solid training, but also makes for a strong relationship between you and your pal. After all, it is these skills, coupled with you becoming your dog’s best friend, that form the foundation for sound training. You will quickly learn principles that set the stage for success in training, and that success will make training what it should be for you and your best friend - rewarding and effective! Complete details can be found on our website at
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