Trainer Profile
APDT Member Since 2007

Earth Voices, LLC

Compassionate training using dog-friendly methods including clicker training and Third Way focus exercises; in home, seminars,and occasional classes. TDI, Dog Scout and CGC Evaluator
Training Equipment: Harnesses, flat collars, no choke, prong, or shock collars
Training Philosophy: Positive, compassionate, science-based training
Locations Served: Howell, Brighton, Fowlerville, Hartland, group seminars and clinics can be arranged at any location here or abroad.
People and dog friendly training. I enjoy working with the whole family to help them learn to communicate with their canine kid in the most effective dog-friendly ways. The family learns to reward calm, thinking behavior in their dog and becomes effective at shaping behavior they can enyoy with their canine companion. The dog can feel safe within his home with consistant gentle nurturance.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training