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APDT Member Since 2015

Courageous Canines LLC

Group Classes Private Training - Individual Lessons and Packages Puppy Obedience Adult Obedience Hyperactivity/Attention Seeking Reactivity/Aggression Fear Anxiety Behavioral Assessments
Job Title: Owner/Lead Trainer
Training Equipment: I have experience with nearly every type of training equipment and can advise you on its safe use, as well as alternative options that may work better for you.
Training Philosophy: Using positive force-free methods, I aim to encourage better relationships between pet and owner. Just about anything can be achieved in training with effort, consistency and patience. It is up to us as owners to motivate and guide our dogs!
Locations Served: New Britain, Doylestown, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Southeast Pennsylvania
As a trainer I believe in what works - positive reinforcement based training produces the most reliable results there are, while also building better relationships between owners and dogs. Call or e-mail today to speak with me about your behavioral needs! I also offer professional writing services to pet businesses to develop written material for internal and external use. Call or e-mail to inquire more!
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Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
In-Home Training
Private Lessons
Private Training