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APDT Member Since 2013

Three Little Pits Pawsitive Dog Training

Puppy Classes, Obedience, CGC Glasses, Group Classes, Therapy Dog Training, Private Training for Behavioral Problems.
Training Equipment: Clicker, Freedom Harness, Gentle Leader, Halti, Easy Walk.
Training Philosophy: I offer positive reinforcement clicker training; absolutely no aversives (pain, choke chains, prong collars, or electric collars). I believe in teaching behaviors that a dog can be rewarded for and replacing unwanted behaviors.
Locations Served: Kamas Valley, Heber/Midway, Park City, Salt Lake City.
I currently work full time at Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic and offer classes at the clinic. We will soon have a training facility so that more classes can be offered at more convenient times. I try to keep my classes small so that each dog gets a lot of individual attention. I have three rescued pit bulls and love working with the breed in order to improve public perception about the breed. One of my dogs was a therapy dog for four years so if you are interested in therapy work I can help you and your dog get ready for the test. I enjoy working with all breeds and helping dogs overcome issues they may having, including aggression, anxiety, or shyness. I also really enjoy puppy classes - helping them learn basic obedience and providing the socialization that is so important for them.
Services Offered
Assistance Service Dog
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Group Training
Nose Work
Private Lessons
Private Training