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Pet dog manners Puppy socialization classes Private lessons in your home & other places where you want your dog to behave well. Help with behavior problems.
Training Equipment: Clicker (optional, you may use a verbal substitute if you prefer) When in an open area, flat collar or harness and leash or long line. Toys, if you dog likes them.
Training Philosophy: I aim for students and dogs to enjoy learning together. We train using rewards and force-free methods. I teach you to discover what motivates your dog and how to break tasks down into small steps so you can both enjoy success right from the start.
Locations Served: Lexington, KY and surrounding areas. Travel fee for addresses more than 10 miles from central Lexington.
For as long as I can remember, I've loved all animals. I've been training my dogs since the age of 10, and have been committed to using force free methods since 1998. When I discovered the thrill of teaching dogs and other creatures with the clicker, I became involved in dog rescue and in teaching others how to live in harmony with their dogs. I began assisting in dog training classes in 1999, and started my own training business in 2005. I've participated in service and education projects with Dog Scouts of America, and enjoyed visiting nursing homes with a certified therapy dog. I've honed my skills through workshops with Bob & Marian Bailey, Sue Ailsby, Steve White, Kathy Sdao, Turid Rugaas, & Dawn Jecs. I became a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) in 2013. With a Ph.D. in biology, I'm employed in biomedical research at the UK College of Medicine. I enjoy the synergy between my training in biological science and the science-based approach to dog training that I learned in Karen Pryor Academy. I live in Lexington with Mystery, a Golden Retriever-Australian Shepherd mix, Juni, a (perhaps) hound-Blue Heeler mix, and three cats, all rescued from local shelters. How I became a force-free trainer When I adopted 9-month-old Cassie, her exuberant approach to life covered me with bruises. I started training her using the traditional methods I learned as a child: pushing and guiding her. Once I thought she knew what to do, failures were enforced by jerks on her choke collar. I was surprised by what happened and what failed to happen. She learned the basics of obedience, but her ballistic behaviors didn’t go away. She still lunged and jumped, but in an anxious way. What did go away was her joyfulness. Training wasn’t fun for either of us. Then I heard about clicker training. We took a break from “real” obedience and learned some tricks together. Cassie’s joy returned and in time we were able to learn obedience and so much more. My passion is to share this way of training that enables dogs for joyful partnership.
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