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Dog Gone Good Dog Training Inc.

Would you like to take an enjoyable and peaceful walk with your dog? Would you like your dog to listen the first time you tell him to do something? Would you like your dog to be well-mannered around visitors and in public places? All of this is possible and so much more with our training programs! Imagine no more embarrassment from your dog’s excessive barking or jumping on people…and no more chasing him around the house or yard when he’s not listening! Just imagine your dog walking quietly at your side even when other people and dogs pass by! You do not have to imagine any longer. We can help make this your reality…contact us and tell us all about your dog. CERTIFIED THROUGH ANIMAL BEHAVIOR COLLEGE
Job Title: Owner and Trainer
Training Equipment: We accept harnesses, head halters, and any non-choke leather or nylon collar. Clicker training is optional. We do NOT allow correction collars such as shock, prong, choke, etc.
Training Philosophy: Our goal is to enrich the human & canine bond with gentle and humane training methods to teach dogs how to be good pets and teach people how to communicate effectively with their dogs.
Locations Served: We provide puppy training and training for adult dogs throughout the suburbs south and west of Chicago, Illinois. Please call or visit our website for more information.
We have awesome puppy and adult dog training programs for families throughout Chicago's south and west suburbs. Our programs include obedience, house manners, new baby preparation, help with behavior modification (unwanted behaviors like jumping, pulling on the leash, potty training, dog anxiety and fearfulness); as well as 'just for fun' training like dog tricks and dog exercise classes. We have group training classes and private in-home dog training programs.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training