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Respectful Communications Animal Training

Animal Training with a Fear Free® Elite Certified Professional educated and skilled in teaching students at both ends of the leash! The continuing education required to keep up my professional certifications means that you get the Best-of-the Best and most up-to-date current skills and science for your dog training investment. (You can find out more about the education I have to train your pet on my website and verify the credentials as well.) Jumping? Lunging? Pulling on leash while walking? Not anymore! Your dog will thrive while you learn how to effectively communicate as a team making your life together easy, simple, and stress-free.
Certifications: AKC CGC, BA
Designations: DN-HHCP, FFCP-Animal Trainer, FFCP-Elite
Job Title: Fear Free® Certified Professional Animal Trainer
Training Equipment: Flat collars or harnesses (no choke, prong, or electronic collars), flat leashes (no retractable leashes), long lines, muzzles
Training Philosophy: Fear Free® and Low Stress Handling® positive rewards pet care and training based on Linda Michael's Hierarchy of Dog's Needs®
Locations Served: Jasper, Ellijay, Nelson, Tate, Talking Rock, Big Canoe, Bent Tree, Canton, Holly Springs, Woodstock, East Cobb - Georgia
Languages: English
Welcome to a Happier Life With your Pet! Your Fear Free® Certified Animal Trainer will make it easy, fun, and memorable! ~~ Does your pup jump up on you and visitors? ~~ Do you struggle with a dog that barks and lunges while on leash? ~~ Do you have a new puppy or rescue dog who was never taught what to expect when living calmly with a family? ~~ If life with your dog is not what you expected it to be then I can help! ~~ Training dogs isn’t just about the dogs. The family that lives with the dog needs to know how to communicate with their pet. ~~ With a Bachelors Degree in Human Psychology and “in class” student teaching experience for a course in educational psychology I have taught young children in elementary and day care settings a variety of skills and subjects. I’ve taught and managed adults in retail, service, and medical settings. I also have experience teaching young adults all the way up to octogenarians (individually as well as in group classes) about nutritional supplements, how to use a computer, and even how to dance in the ballroom style. In addition to that I have taught many age groups how to understand, stay safe around, and communicate with a dog! ~~ Add to the education of training humans I also have continuous education in the science and fundamental skills of training animals. No old-style traditional training but the newest Best-of-the Best education for you and your pets. All this gives your dog the benefit of training that is simple, easy, and fun! ~~ Credentials / Qualifications: Linda Ross, B.A., FFCP, LSHU-S, DN-HHCP, DN-CPCP, CPPS Fear Free® Certified Animal Trainer, Fear Free® Elite Certified Professional (Veterinary Track), Fear Free® Certified Professional (Veterinary – Equine), Fear Free® Certified Professional (Veterinary – Avian), Fear Free® Shelters Graduate, Doggone Safe Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator, AKC (American Kennel Club) Good Citizen® Evaluator, AKC (American Kennel Club) Temperament Test Evaluator, PetTech® Pet Saver CPR and First Aid trained, Bonded and insured with a yearly background check. ~~ I don’t just say that I have credentials… I can prove them because you can actually verify them on third party websites!
Services Offered
AKC Obedience
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
In-Home Training
Private Lessons
Private Training
Puppy Classes
Puppy Socialization
Shy and Fearful