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APDT Member Since 2000

Come When Called Dog Training & Behavior Counseling

Puppy individ. & group; behavior consults; good manners group & private; AKC competition skills; growly class; CGC prep individ. & group; distracted dog BM. control & focus training group
Training Equipment: buckle, martingale and head collars (New Trix and Snoot Loop) body harness leash clicker
Training Philosophy: I rely on techniques based on the learning principles of behavior analysis--stimulation, reinforcement, punishment, extinction and generalization.
Locations Served: Bethesda, Md. Potomac, Md. Rockville, Md. Sandy Spring, Md. Northwest Washington, D.C. Silver Spring, Md. Arlington, Va.
I encourage clients to learn to use the clicker but permit the use of a marker word. I'm somewhat of a tyrant about proper cue-click-consequence timing and efficient delivery of the food reinforcer. I also try to educate students and clients about the learning principles so that they understand the reasons underlying our training. I make them aware that Pavlovian conditioning is always in the background of any training and that there is always a functional relationship between the dog and its environment. I always come prepared with a training plan but modify it to accommodate the client's needs. I have attended all five of the Bob Bailey/Farhoody chicken training workshops and continue to take refresher courses to keep my training skills sharp and to keep on learning.
Services Offered
AKC Obedience
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training