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APDT Member Since 2013

Kawa Farms K-9 Training

Private classes in Obedience, in addition to behavioral sessions for pet dogs, boarding, and service dog training. We also train a wide range of Working Dogs and working dog handlers. Retired US Army MP.
Designations: ABCDT
Job Title: Owner/ Lead Trainer
Training Equipment: Lead, Collar, Clicker, and positive communication.
Training Philosophy: I focus on creating an open line of communication between us as humans and our dogs. Methods of communicating are: One word commands, Tone inflection, Hand signals, and Body language.
Locations Served: Iowa and surrounding States
At Kawa Farms K-9 Training we conduct our training at our facility depending on the training that you are requesting we travel to other locations. We will teach you methods of communication that will help you guild you and your dog and help your dog become a healthy, confident, happy pup. No Matter what breed, age, or Issue Kawa Farms K-9 Training’s science based methods are proven dog friendly and effective. Our training philosophy is simple - Dogs enrich our lives in so many different ways that a well-mannered and well-behaved dog is a wonderful part of the family. Kawa Farms K-9 Training is committed to the humane treatment and training of your family dog. There are a lot of ways to train a dog, and it never ceases to amaze me how much many people hurt their dogs in an attempt to train them. However, IF WE ARE GOING TO BUILD OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR DOGS AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT THE WAY WE TRAIN THEM. OUR METHODS MUST BE POSITIVE AND HUMANE. Positive reinforcement training just makes sense. It works, it’s based on science, it is simple and most importantly your dog will love it. Overtime you and your dogs bond will develop and strengthen so that you won’t be able to imagine living without your dog.
Services Offered
AKC Canine Partner
AKC Obedience
Assistance Service Dog
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
CLASS Evaluator
CLASS Instructor
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Nose Work
Private Lessons
Private Training