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Blue Dog Training & Behavior LLC

In-home training and behavior consultations by a certified professional. Also, new puppy, new dog, and new baby consultations, board & train, and educational seminars.
Locations Served: Dane County for in home consultations and training. Clients from out of the area are seen at my office in Madison, WI on Sundays to allow for travel time. Phone consultations are done when appropriate for out of town clients as well.
Behavior Consultations: With a strong educational background in psychology and canine behavior and over a decade of hands-on experience in both shelter and private consultation settings, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Sarah Kalnajs’ behavioral consultations provide you with the expertise required to effectively treat serious behavior problems in dogs. A private behavior consultation consists of a thorough history taking, diagnoses of the behavior problem and a thorough explanation of the training, management, and behavior modification necessary to address your pet's particular issues. Behaviors addressed include: • Aggression (toward people and other animals) • Fear/Phobias • Separation Anxiety • Leash Reactivity • Attention Seeking Behaviors • Housetraining • Barking • Chewing / Destruction / Digging In- Home Dog Training If your schedule prevents you from attending classes, you want more than a cookie cutter approach to dog training or you want to refine your dog's existing skills, our home schooling is what you need! With this fully customizable program, you work one-on-one with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who will focus you and your dog in your own home, which is after all, where you most often want your dog to behave! Using dog friendly dog training methods firmly based in psychology and learning theory, our training sessions open the doors of communication between you and your dog providing you with a strong foundation of understanding what motivates your dog to do the things he does! In-home private training is available for both puppies and adult dogs. Blue Dog Training Sessions work on skills such as: Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Stay etc) Leash Manners Greeting / Door Manners Reliable Recalls (Coming when called) Foundation Behaviors (Attention, Wait, Targeting, location stays) Tricks and Games Outdoor Private Training Sessions (May-November) For more program details, please visit our website at
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