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APDT Member Since 1994

Shelby Marlo Animal Behavior Specialist & Professtional Dog TrainerTrainer

Specializes in results oriented training with puppies, rescue dogs, adult dogs and all behaivorial problems. Private training, group classes and consultations available by appointment.
Training Equipment: Basic buckle collar, No-Pull Harnesses, Halti, Gentle Leader, and a host of other training aids, depending on the dog and owner.
Training Philosophy: Certified professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist Shelby Marlo's extremely effective style, applied with love and respect, has made her the one to call for puppy training, behavioral problems of older dogs, and everything in between.
Locations Served: Group class & private sessions are held in West Hollywood, CA. In-home sessions also available within Los Angeles.
Puppy and Dog obedience classes are an ideal setting to help your puppy or dog to learn the basics of obedience and safety. Group classes help your canine companion learn to focus on you and your commands in an environment with multiple distractions. Groups help to ensure that your dog will respond to you regardless of the setting. In addition to the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, down, heel, off/don’t touch and potty on command, group classes offer training on street protection (wait at the curb). Basic agility course includes hoops, jumps, tunnels and bridges to build your dog’s confidence. The ability to respond appropriately in a variety of situations. Puppies as young as 10 weeks of age can enroll providing their shots are current. Your dog does not have to be a puppy to benefit from group. Each group class begins and ends with a general question and answer period giving you the opportunity to address some of the more common issues. Any specific problems need to be addressed with private sessions. Private in home training is a great way to start. Private insures that problems in the house are under control. It is highly recommended as a first step in obtainging good behaivor and proper relationship harmony between dog and owner. Call today!
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