Trainer Profile
APDT Member Since 2015

Training your dog with loving patience and dedication creating a solid bond, enjoyment and trusting relationship with your dog.
Job Title: Owner/Trainer
Training Equipment: Training Treats or Toys for reward, Flat Collars, Martingale Collar, Training Collar, 6' Slip Lead, 6' Leash, Front Attaching Harnesses, 15'-30' Long Lines and any other equipment deemed necessary.
Training Philosophy: I believe in socializing your dog to a wide variety of experiences in order to have a well balanced dog. Using primarily positive reinforcement training techniques, in real world daily situations. In turn, will create a well socialized confident dog.
Locations Served: I provide private training in your home and local parks, Monday - Saturday in the south Los Angeles County area and the entire Orange County area. I will also provide training beyond those areas for an additional travel fee. I offer active military and first responder discounts. Also bilingual in Spanish.
I provide private Puppy Socialization Training, Basic Obedience Training, Dog Walking Manners Training and Behavior Consultation services. I am experienced with all types of behavioral issues and look for positive problem solving techniques for a resolution in behavioral problems. For those with puppies, I offer Puppy Socialization Training. The earlier you start the training a more well balanced confident dog you will have, preventing many behavioral problems often seen in dogs. When training, I work with all family members kids included as all will be part of their dog's life. I break up the monotonous of routine training by adding fun and play into the training. Such things as adding tactical obedience, which I learned as a Police K-9 Handler and young kids enjoy as they play army, recall games such as fetch or finding the family member as well as numerous other games all still building on the training at hand. I also offer group walk events such as easy hikes or neighborhood walks. Please contact me via phone or email to further discuss how I can help you achieve your training goals.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Fun Games
In-Home Training
Nose Work
Private Lessons
Private Training