Trainer Profile
APDT Member Since 1995

Kennelwood Pet Resorts

In-Home behavioral counseling services: housebreaking, aggression, separation anxiety, multi pet and children and pet issues. Group classes, Obedience training.
Training Equipment: I use mostly buckle collars and clicker or marker words, food, petting, front fastening harnesses, head halters. Aversive techniques; squirt bottle or collar corrections are used as last resort.
Training Philosophy: I have trained professionally since 1989. My basic philosophy is to treat the pet and owner with respect and kindness, to help the owner communicate better and make a difference in dogs'/cat's lives.
Locations Served: I do in-home lessons in St.Louis and the surrounding areas including Illinois.
I have been the In-Home Trainer/Behavior Counselor for Kennelwood Pet Resorts since 1989. After 22 years I am now seeing 2nd and 3rd generations of client's dogs. It is gratifying to get referrals from happy clients and their veterinarians. I specialize in aggression cases and separation anxiety cases as well as working to solve other behavior problems. The most common problems I work with are front door manners, chewing, digging, jumping, barking and nipping. I have also helped people with specific training such as teaching their dog to be a ring bearer in their wedding and teaching a dog how to swim and find the steps to get out of the pool. I encourage the whole family, including children, to get involved in the training process.
Services Offered
AKC Obedience
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training