Trainer Profile
APDT Member Since 2007

Clear and concise, gentle guidance for owners and their dogs. 30 years of experience in fearful/aggressive behavior, obedience training & competition, field retriever competition.
Designations: CPDT-KA
Job Title: Owner
Training Equipment: Martingale collar, buckle collar, harness, long line, leash, Kong, tug toy, bumper, clicker, crate, ex-pen, treat bag, dog food/treats....and an owner who is eager to make change.
Training Philosophy: Set dog up for success, reward desired behavior. Split goals into achievable steps. Consistent management of environment to discourage unwanted behaviors and behavior patterns. Classical conditioning and desensitization for fearful/aggressive dogs
Locations Served: California: Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Bermuda Dunes. Behavior Consultant at Village Park Animal Hospital in Old Town La Quinta. Wyoming: Saratoga, Encampment, Riverside, Rawlins (summer only)
Dog behavior problems can be frustrating and you are great owner to be looking for help rather than giving up on your beloved pet. Thank you for seeking out a certified trainer. You never need to feel embarrassed about your dog or yourself in front of me! I've been around a lot of dogs and a lot of people and I've certainly made my share of mistakes. I am known for my honesty and humility....oh yah, and my excellent dog training skills too! I can help you to: 1) Define and focus on what you want from your dog. 2) Identify what is rewarding for your dog at any given time so that he can get "paid" for desired behavior. 3) Identify any triggers that set off reactive behavior. Examples: other dogs, people in uniform, a tight leash, presence of food/toys/possessions, skateboards, bikes, noises, etc. 4) Identify your dog's body language to stop reactive behavior before it starts. Most people have a good instinct on how to read dog body language but some people don't know how to recognize some of the more subtle signs. 5) Keep your sessions stress-free with honest and clear communication between you and your dog. I train my dogs for obedience and field competition, shelter dogs to become great companions, and clients' dogs to have the best relationship they can with their owners. Your aggressive or fearful dog CAN be helped. The majority of my continuing education units are obtained through seminars and workshops focusing on identifying fearful behavior and the many options on how to change emotional patterns. Together we can decide if it is best that I board and train your dog, come to your home several times a week, or have weekly lessons and homework assignments for you and your dog. My history of earning titles and placement ribbons in obedience, rally obedience, and hunting retriever competitions with several dogs (including those not owned by me) is testament to my ability to train to a level where a dog WILL perform willingly and reliably in distracting environments. I love working with dog owners as much as I love working with dogs!
Services Offered
AKC Obedience
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Private Lessons
Private Training