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APDT Member Since 2016

Click Treat Play

We turn dogs and puppies into happy, confident companions that are fun to live with. There will be lots of surprises, but no shocks.
Training Equipment: Flat collar, leash, front fastening harness, clicker, treats.
Training Philosophy: Using positive reinforcement to make training fun for you and your dog.
Locations Served: Serving White County, GA and surrounding areas including Cleveland, Helen, Cornelia and Clarksville
We use reward based methods for faster training. Your dog will become a confident, enthusiastic learner. We train every day skills for a well behaved dog and stop annoying habits,such as jumping on guests, pulling on his leash, barking at the mailman etc. Offering Puppy Socialization classes to get your puppy ready for the real world, as well as teaching him the behaviours you want from him at an early age rather than letting him learn bad habits.
Services Offered
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training