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Chill Out Dog Training

I love helping people overcome serious challenges with their dogs, but when I'm not doing that I’m either listening to a variety of psychology/philosophy podcasts, discovering an amazing series on Netflix, strength and HIIT training, or enjoying the outdoors with my own dogs.
Job Title: Owner & Head Trainer
Training Equipment: I'm happy to entertain nearly every piece of equipment provided it is serving the dog an their owner. I've had success with standard leash and collar, treats, harnesses, head collar (ie. Gentle Leader ), prong collars, and e-collars as needed.
Training Philosophy: Serve the owner, help the dog. We primarily use positive reinforcement, but we also use corrections is provided they serve the dog's well being, and have been fairly introduce. No corrections, often means no solution.
Locations Served: Denver, CO
I’m the owner, founder, and primary trainer of Chill Out Dog Training , one of the best reviewed dog training companies in Phoenix, and now Denver. I specialize in behavior modification, which is dog trainer speak for stopping unwanted behaviors. Before launching Chill Out Dog Training, I spent most of my time working in finance both in investments and as a pension administrator. I also spent some time teaching high school math which informs how I instruct clients to be successful with their dogs.
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