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Harmony Dog Training LLC

Lowell is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant who has been working with multiple species for dozens of years. In addition to dogs, he has trained warthogs, reindeer, emus, donkeys, goats, fish, and chickens. He loves helping people get what they want out of their dogs and helping their dogs get what they want out of their people in a way that is agreeable to all!
Certifications: CPDT-KA
Job Title: Co-owner
Training Equipment: Front attach harnesses, gentle leaders, long lines, double attach leashes.
Training Philosophy: Our philosophy is simple and scientifically proven: Reward the behavior you would like. Prevent reinforcement for behaviors you do not like. Allow your dog to choose to be right.
Locations Served: Serving Ann Arbor, Barton Hills, Ypsilanti, Northfield, Saline, Superior and surrounding areas.
We're certified professional dog trainers and behavior consultants. We help you solve problem behaviors and learn new skills. Through our classes and consultations, we can teach you to solve these problems or can do it for you. All without using force or punishment of any kind.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
In-Home Training
Private Lessons
Private Training