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APDT Member Since 2010

Before ~N~ After Dog Training

BNA DOG Training Preventing problems & solving issues for people and their pups. In your home private training addressing problems and teaching your dog to be attentive, calm, and trustful. MASTER TRAINER BELINDA AHERN IS HERE TO HELP Her success is based on… An extensive knowledge of differents breeds and traits of dogs A love of dogs Observation and listening Understanding of Canine behaviour and psychology Empathy with owners and their dogs Knowledge of the principals of learning The ability to recognise the limitations and abilities of every dog A genuine interest in people, their dogs and insatiable desire to model patience.
Job Title: Owner - Master Trainer
Training Philosophy: Teach~Train~Maintain
Locations Served: Middlesex County, Chester, CT
When life get's in the way of your dogs needs being met dogs tend to engage in destructive behavior. BNA Services is ideal if you are planning on purchasing a new puppy, preparing your dog for a new baby, new home or adding additional pets, personally dealing with health issues or are suffering with your animals health or end of life issues. We train for your functional life!
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Canine Fitness Classes
CGC Training
CLASS Evaluator
CLASS Instructor
Clicker Training
In-Home Training
Private Lessons
Private Training
Puppy Classes
Separation Anxiety
Teleconference/Virtual Sessions
Trick Training