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APDT Member Since 2015

Outdoor Attention and Focus classes, Outdoor Dog Parkour classes, Musical Freestyle, and Rally Obedience (AKC, CRO, WCRL).
Training Equipment: Flat buckle or snap collars, martingales, harnesses (rear clip preferred), leather or fabric leashes of appropriate lengths including traffic leads and long lines, clickers.
Training Philosophy: The privilege of having dogs as training partners is a high honor and one to be cherished. Dog sports can enhance our relationships with our dogs beyond anything we ever imagined. Every dog is a genius at something and is capable of being a star.
Locations Served: Outdoor Attention and Dog Parkour classes offered in southern New Jersey - Burlington County area. Group classes indoors at Wonder Dogs in West Berlin, NJ and at Golden Grange Kennels in Chesterfield, NJ. .
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Clicker Training
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