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Unleashed Dog Training

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Training Equipment: We use correction collars: Martingale, slip, slip leads, prong, and e-collars. We advise and assist in using non-correction collars and harnesses.
Training Philosophy: Our focus is to have well behavied dogs to keep them out of shelters. We require our trainers to be active in volunteering in our community. We constantly are guest speekers for donation drives.
Locations Served: We cover Onslow, Carteret, Jones and Craven counties. We are the only trainers recommended by both Onslow and Carteret county animal control offices as well as most veterinarian clinics across these counties.
Our purpose here is to support the local community. We may be a profitable business; however, the majority of our profits go right back into the various non-profit organizations and rescues locally to keep dogs off our streets. We are the largest training company in the local community currently employing 6 dog trainers who are all specially trained in their own chosen speciality. Every trainer we have is tied into the military. 3 are active duty, 1 is retired, 1 is a reservist and 1 is a dependant. Due to this, we understand what you are going through in reguards to deployments and anxiety due to constant moving. Unleashed Dog Training was just brought in by Train a Dog, Save a Warrior who supports us in training service dogs for the wounded veterans of Camp Lejeune either active duty or retired. Our service dog trainer has 17 years of experience training service dogs. We look forward to helping you create a lasting bond with your pet.
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AKC Obedience
Assistance Service Dog
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
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Private Training