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Congratulations on deciding to get some help for you and your 4 legged loved one. I am a certified and insured Behavior Consultant and Dog Trainer. I have a degree in Sociology and began as a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor. After rescuing 2 malnourished and fearful dogs, I decided to become a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer. As sometimes happens, these dogs were not what I had anticipated. I had to make some changes and help them be their best!
Designations: Debbie Sheridan UW-AAB Certified in Applied Animal
Job Title: Certified and Insured Trainer/Behavior Consultant UW-AAB Certified in Applied Animal Behavior
Training Equipment: A harness for walking is much better then a collar especially with a smaller dog. It won't damage their trachea. For a dog that is pulling I prefer a harness where the leash can attach in front.
Training Philosophy: Leadership based on mutual love and respect.
Locations Served: Central Connecticut as well as Western Massachusetts
I am a Life Coach for Canines. I will help you to help your pup or older rescue. You can call me for separation anxiety, potty training, and fear issues if your dog is barking at your guests (usually afraid) and anything in between. I want to help you learn how to help your pup and love him for who he is.
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