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APDT Member Since 2003

A Good a Trained Dog / Creatures and Kids, Inc.

We offer variety of training for your family and pets. Certification for AKC's CGC program and therapeutic animal training/certification, water rescue and more!
Training Equipment: Open to what people are comfortable with for their animal!
Training Philosophy: Listen to the needs of your students both humans and animals. Always be ready to learn new techniques.
Locations Served: Service the Oklahoma City Metro and central Oklahoma. We have trained with people from across the state of Oklahoma.
A Good a trained dog, established in 1990, to promote positive dog training from basic to advanced training levels for all breeds. Creatures and Kids, Inc. established as a non-profit 501c-3 in 2001. Through both of these organizations we train and work with adults, children and their pets to establish a better communication between all. We use positive target training, promote good behavior, and continue to assist in training animal's for therapeutic interaction and intervention, through Creatures and Kids, Inc. (CKI), take the time to visit CKI. We offer certification for AKC's CGC. GCA and CKOC programs. Please visit for more information about the use of therapeutic animals. Thank you for continuing to Learn!
Services Offered
AKC Canine Partner
AKC Obedience
Assistance Service Dog
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Fun Games
Group Training
In-Home Training
Nose Work
Private Lessons
Private Training