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Dogs In Harmony

Our center is located in Sunnyvale, CA. Covid has forced us to change our services. We are continuing to support our clients and their training needs. We now provide dog only programs in our center. We offer Harmony School for puppies under the age of 4 months. Group lessons for appropriate dogs and private lessons for dogs that are not able to attend group lessons. All these programs are without owners. Our goal is to maintain these programs until there is a vaccine. We do offer outdoor private lessons with owner involvement and zoom lessons should there be a need for use to "enter" your home.
Job Title: Owner - Trainer
Training Equipment: We have created an environment where dogs can explore and learn. Our facility is safe for young puppies! We take cleanliness seriously and have strict protocol both because of Covid and because we work with very young, under vaccinated puppies.
Training Philosophy: At Dogs In Harmony, we believe in creating positive connections throughout every aspect of our dog’s life. We use scientifically proven techniques and repetition to shape behavior and an understanding of communication to build relationships.
Locations Served: Our facility is in Sunnyvale clients come to us from all over the Bay Area. We will hold outdoor private lessons within 20 miles of our facility.
Visit our website for a full overview of our programs. Harmony School - is an intensive training program for puppies under the age of 4 month. Puppies that finish the program are then able to continue attending Harmony School as long as they maintain appropriate behavior and consistency throughout their lives. Dog Only Group Lessons - Dog groups are hand selected according to play style, disposition and training level. These lessons are 1.5 hours and combine play, learning of new behaviors, impulse control and manners. Dog Only Private Lessons - These lessons are great for dogs that need work on reactivity, confidence or any other behavior modification. Once per week, one hour lessons with a professional trainer can make a lot of difference in your dog's behavior. We video record most of the training sessions and send you tutorials after each lesson. Outdoor Private Lessons (with owners) - Out door private lessons are conducted with a mask and social distancing. Lesson structure depends on the goals of each owner. Zoom Private Lessons - If you need some help inside your home for behaviors that are specific to your living situation, we can help. From counter surfing to confinement training or simply working around a busy family, zoom lessons will address your needs in your own home without bringing our germs along.
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