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APDT Member Since 2012

Coexist Canine Coaching

One-on-one sessions in your home or out-and-about the town for puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats with the whole family!
Job Title: Owner
Training Equipment: flat leash, harness, treat pouch, enrichment - toys/puzzles/chews, crate, boundaries, recommended readings, email communication & support, long line, litter & box, FitPaws equipment, muzzle, dual-clip harness & double ended leash
Training Philosophy: Prevent unwanted behaviors | Educate on behavior and body language while capturing & rewarding desired behaviors | Troubleshoot what works best for your furry friend & family.
Locations Served: Portland, OR, USA + 15 mile radius | International Skype sessions for cats | Limited Korean language skills | Limited Spanish language skills
I continue & advance my education constantly. With force-free, science-backed, tried-and-true techniques, I have worked with dogs who: mouth people, chew inappropriate items, have anxiety/fearfulness, nip at clothes, jump, are hyperactive, inappropriately play with other dogs, guard/protect belongings, bark, are crate training, have nervous urination, need basic manners (loose-leash walking, sit/down/stay, come when called, fetch, take it, drop it, leave it, go to your bed, etc.), are reactive/aggressive, learn basic nosework skills, train through imitation, basic service skills (retrieving items, turning on lamps, applying body pressure, etc.), test for Animal Assisted Therapy teamwork, mothers with puppies under 8 weeks of age, selecting the best puppy/dog for you. I have worked with cats on: eliminating in inappropriate places, scratching people and/or furniture, biting, spraying, introducing another family member (dog, cat, baby, partner), retraining them to become indoor only, maintaining proper diet & exercise, giving proper mental stimulation, yowling/meowing excessively, moving: relaxation tips for your cat, building comfort with a carrier, feeding kittens through a bottle, caring for strays and educating on Trap-Neuter-Return, socializing your kitten, selecting the right cat or kitten for you and your family, walking your cat on leash. I would love to work with you & your family!
Services Offered
Assistance Service Dog
Behavioral Consultation
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Fun Games
Group Training
Nose Work
Private Lessons
Private Training