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Gemini Pet Services

We provide many different avenues of pet services including: pet walking/exercise, pop in pet sitting, pet transport and training.
Training Equipment: Training treats, clicker, easy walk/gentle leader harness. Kong products (which one depends on dog).
Training Philosophy: I use positive reinforcement training only. I take the time to get to know the dog and "read" him/her to get at the cause of the problem, then set my game plan from there.
Locations Served: Bucks County & Montgomery Counties, PA. Burlington County, NJ
I believe every dog/cat deserves a chance to be happy. I've had pets my entire life, but it wasn't until I adopted a dog with severe separation anxiety that I decided to get certified in dog training. I adopted her 4/7/12 from my local SPCA and was laid off from my job 5/2/12. Undecided on what I wanted to do for a living. I left my new dog home when I went out a few times and came home to 1/2 a door, food/trash all over the place, etc. When I would look into her eyes I could see the panic. Besides her anxiety she is the perfect dog. But anxiety is an illness that, I too,ww suffer from, so I could sympathize with her. LOL I thanked the heavens that I was the person who adopted her, because, with the damage she caused, I'm not so sure many people would have put up with that. Chances are she would have been returned to the SPCA and eventually put down as "un-adoptable". It was then that I realized that I wanted to help her and dogs/cats like her. So I enrolled in Animal Behavior College and got my certification in dog training. I also took a CEP course they had in cat training and I hope to learn more about training cats. My goal is to save lives. I am just starting out and have got a lot to learn, but I am looking forward to the journey and sharing in the experience of helping animals find happiness. On a side note after medication from my vet and lots of love, caring, training and patience on my part, I am happy to report that my dog seems to be cured of her separation anxiety. Not only am I happy that my house isn't getting trashed, but it brings me joy to see a sparkle in her eyes instead of fear.
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Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Fun Games
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Private Training