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Confident Canine Puppy Training

I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and offer reward based puppy socialization and training including Pre-Puppy Consultations, Private lessons, Day Training, and Board and Train.
Training Equipment: I encourage my clients to use the clicker or another marker. We use harnesses or buckle collars and soft leashes. Only positive reinforcement methods are used.
Training Philosophy: I feel that puppy socialization and foundation training is of utmost importance to provide a dog with the right start to fully participate in their family's lives and to function comfortably in our society.
Locations Served: All services available in Whatcom county - Bellingham and surrounding cities. Board and train is also available for Skagit, Snohomish, and King counties (or from Seattle to Vancouver BC and everything in between). Pick-up and delivery is available for your convenience.
My goal is to help my clients raise the perfect dog for their family. I use only positive training methods (marker based training being my first choice). I emphasize proper socialization to the environment, people, and other dogs. I also teach puppy management in the home to help clients set their puppies up for success, thereby avoiding the development of "bad" habits. We cover basic obedience, problem solving and avoidance, socialization, grooming, etc. Everything you need to know to raise a wonderful, well adjusted, and well mannered puppy! Private Lessons - An opportunity to tailor your lesson to your needs. We address basic training including house and crate training, how to properly socialize your puppy, and any issues or behavior problems. Lesson times are flexible. Day Training - Enjoy evenings and weekends with your puppy while I work with him/her during the day to properly socialize and train basic manners. The best of both worlds - you enjoy a tired, well mannered puppy without having to find the time in your busy schedule to do the time-consuming foundation work. Board and Train - Your puppy comes and lives with me as a member of my household. He/she gets professionally trained and cared for. Excellent option for busy people who just want a trained dog or those going on vacation who want their puppy's education to continue while they're gone.
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