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APDT Member Since 2011

A Bark In Time

As a Certified Dog Trainer(Animal Behavior College), I help dogs and their humans "bridge the communication gap" through the use of positive training methods.
Training Equipment: We teach humans how to use food-based rewards and/or clickers to help their dogs learn a command or appropriate behavior. We also teach the correct use of flat collars and head collars.
Training Philosophy: Our mission is to train dogs while teaching their humans to interpret the dog's body language for better communication. This is accomplished by teaching problem solving strategies to build confidence.
Locations Served: Services provided in Montgomery and Bucks counties in southeastern Pennsylvania.
We provide one-on-one in-home training that comes to you on your schedule. The training sessions are designed specifically for you and your dog with less distractions. We teach the basic training skills(sit, come, down, heel, stay) and we work with dogs of all ages. In addition I possess a masters degree in psychology which enhances my ability to interact with the humans and the dogs in regards to assessing and working on behavioral issues. We also provide a written summary after each session that is e-mailed to you for future reference. We do stress the importance of the humans being involved in all aspects of the training sessions.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Private Lessons
Private Training