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  • Kat Elder
  • 713.729.5481
  • Houston, , TX UNITED STATES
APDT Member Since 1995

Kat's Animal Training

In-Home dog training since 1982. Puppy, Basic and Advanced obedience programs: Behavioral counseling for dogs (& cats also); Individual Instruction or Professional Training; Board/Train small dogs. Kat holds a BS degree in Sociology/Psychology from University of Houston, Veterinary Tech. Course completion through Houston Community College and prior management experience in Children's Services.
Job Title: Owner
Training Equipment: 6 ft. leashes, flat collars, martingale collars, properly fitted & instructed slip chain training collars or head collars, long lines or Flexi leads for distance obedience, tethers, healthy treats...
Training Philosophy: Positive training of dogs and education of their humans, with the goal of a mutually loving, respectful, lifelong relationship, with the needs of both being satisfied.
Locations Served: Houston (Southwest,Central,West), Bellaire, Meyerland, Westbury, Galleria, Inner Loop, Memorial, West University, Southside Place, SugarLand, Sienna Plantation, Missouri City. Please call KAT at 713-729-5481 to determine if you're in the K.A.T. service area.
Kat's Animal Training provides personalized training & behavior counseling services in the comfort, safety and convenience of YOUR HOME. Obedience training offered: Puppy, Basic , Advanced, AKC Novice obedience. Kat also offers specialized training to meet your special needs. Choose from 3 modes of training: Individual Instruction- a series of weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly sessions with demonstration & feedback & practice between sessions. ( You learn how to train & establish leadership & respect); Professional Training- Kat trains your dog(s)in sessions 2-3 times a week while you're busy, at work, out of town, then transfers the commands to 1-2 family members, with a follow-up session in 7-14 days. (Advantageous for those who are very busy, impatient, or physically unable to do the training); or Small Group- Perfect for families with multiple dogs or close neighbors or friends. Behavior Modification services include resolution or prevention of behavior issues including: Housebreaking training/retraining; Mouthing & Nipping; Aggression towards people or animals; Excessive/inappropriate barking; Jumping on people/furniture; Destructive chewing; Resource Guarding; Digging in carpets/flowerbeds; Jumping fences/digging under fences; Failure to come when free, distracted, or at a distance; Fearfulness/shyness; Fear of thunderstorms; Separation anxiety; Introduction to a new human or animal family member; etc. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 10am-9pm. Available weekends for phone inquiries. Please call Kat at 713-729-5481 for fast response to your questions & training needs.
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Behavioral Consultation
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