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Ask Dr. Caryn about the art & science of animal behavior and training. She has been helping dogs and their people since 2010, offering: Private, Personalized In-Home, Day-Training, Puppy Socialization, Behavior Modification, Consulting, Workshops, and Seminars using aversive-free, positive reinforcement methods including Clicker Training & TAGteach.
Designations: Ph.D.KPA CTPAKC-CGCOSCTTAGteachK9 to 5, PhD, KPA C
Job Title: Certified Trainer and Behaviorist
Training Equipment: Event marker, food treats, toys, other high value reinforcers! Management tools include nylon leash, flat buckle or martingale collar, harness, the Baskerville Ultimate Muzzle, and physical barriers.
Training Philosophy: Force-Free: I train and teach pet owners how to train using positive reinforcement and pro-active management. All techniques are aversive-free & based in animal behavior science.
Locations Served: Private training sessions are held in your home or in dog-friendly public places. Small group classes can be scheduled through your local veterinarian. Private training prices include travel up to 30 miles from the Fredericksburg, or Colonial Beach including Stafford, Spotsylvania, Orange, Caroline, King George, and Westmoreland Counties in Virginia, and Charles County in Maryland.
Training should be FUN! If it's not, call me - I can help you fix that. Learn to communicate with your dog to train good manners, desirable behaviors, and fun games. Eliminate bad manners, undesirable behaviors, and change your dog's emotional response to triggers. AND, have FUN in the process! I will teach you to mark and reward desired behaviors, then put each behavior on cue. I will teach you to extinguish undesired behavior using force-free, hands-free methods and pro-active management. The Karen Pryor "Clicker Training" method is based in Animal Behavior Science and can be used to train almost any animal. Learn to use it with your dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, rabbits, even some reptiles that eat on a daily basis! Modified methods, known as TAGteach, are very useful in increasing desired behaviors from children and spouses, too! Your pet's desirable behavior is first captured and marked (generally by using a "clicker"), then rewarded. Once your pet makes the connection between the marked behavior and reward, a cue is added so that your pet isn't constantly "throwing" the behavior at you! This technique can be used to extinguish unwanted behaviors as well as train new behaviors and best of's fun for both you and your pet! A clicker is a small, plastic, mechanical device that makes a short, distinct "click" sound. The unique sound tells your pet exactly when it's doing the "right thing." This clear form of communication, combined with positive reinforcement, is the most effective, safe, and humane way to teach any animal any behavior that it is physically and mentally capable of doing. The technique can be used to train dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, horses, and even some fish, using only positive reinforcement! In fact, this is the same method used to train dolphins and other marine mammals.
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