Trainer Profile
APDT Member Since 2010

offer puppy kindergartnen and basic obedience,as well as In home training and consults.
Training Equipment: buckle or martingale collars. 4 or 6 foot leads. harnesses, and head collars. NO chain or pinch collars. Toys and treats and praise.
Training Philosophy: Positive training methods only. A desire to positively train and make learning fun for dog and human, to create a strong owner/dog bond,thus decreaseing the number dogs turned into shelters.
Locations Served: Charleston ILL and surrounding area.
we strive to educate as well as train/ teach the public about the importance of positive training methods. Through education the hope to improve the relationship of owner and dog. classes are sponsored by Charleston park and recreation Dept. , we have both group and private training available. Both instructors are APDT members and adhere to the guidelines set forth by APDT. Puppy K classes and basic companion obedience available, which are divided into small and large breed meeting at different times. Our goal is to train, educate and have fun with your dog!
Services Offered
AKC Obedience
CGC Training
Clicker Training
Group Training
Private Lessons
Private Training