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Canine Advanced Training Services

Board & Train(including house manners)in my home. Private & Group Lessons Behavior Modifications(including aggression issuse). Mentor Trainer for ABC College Students 100% Force-Free Training techniques. Member of Victoria Stilwell's Positively Dog Training Team.
Training Equipment: Positive Reinforcement - Force-Free Training Techniques that are Based on proven Behavioral Science. Positively NO Aversive training techniques or equipment used.
Training Philosophy: Inside every dog there is ia GREAT dog! With time, practice and patience, you CAN have a well behaved companion. Training should be FUN for you and your pet & a "Well trained dog is a pleasure to own"
Locations Served: Dallas/Fort Worth Area
PETS - Strong Basic Obedience and manners taught using "Clicker Training", FUN & GAMES.Positive reinforcement, Force-Free motivational methods for Pet owners that want to have a dog that is a PLEASURE to own - Group Classes for both PUPPY & ADULT dogs. BOARD/TRAIN -Because this is not a kennel situation, puppies are accepted from 10 weeks of age with proof of having had their first vaccinations and are parasite free. This gives you the client the added advantage of having your puppies Toilet Trained at the same time as they are learning basic obedience, socialization skills and house manners. Of course dogs of all ages are accepted (with proof of vacciations and parasite control)because YOU CAN TEACH OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS! After initial training, full LIFE TIME BACK UP is provided for you and your pet and they are welcome to come and board at my house while you go on vacation (boarding fees apply). A SET FEE is applied to Board/Training which includes all follow up in home training - only ONE dog taken in at a time for this type of one-on-one training. PRIVATE LESSONS: One on One private lessons are available - Training Sessions - per hour OR a Training Package. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION (including Aggression) Only accepted after a full Consultation with all household members present, full history of the behavior and in some cases a Veterinary Health Certificate which includes a full blood report. Initial concultation fee + Per hour training sessions. SERVICE DOG TRAINING Full consultation and a needs assessment is required as well as a full temperament test performed on your dog. Execellent Basic Obedience is a MUST (CGC prefered). Dogs are trained according to your needs including Public Assess training. Initial Consultation fee + Training fees if accepted.
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