Trainer Profile
APDT Member Since 2016


I enjoy working with pet owners to teach their dogs basic and advanced obedience as well as addressing any behavior issues causing a problem for their owners.
Training Equipment: Balanced training can involve the proper use of pinch and e collars. I always do reward-based training and am comfortable training just that way if requested.
Training Philosophy: I approach dog training the way I approach everything else; with careful balance. I believe dogs should always be set up to succeed and should be rewarded for doing so. It is important that dogs have structure as well.
Locations Served: Austin, TX, Greater Austin Area
I teach group classes at a local facility as well as private lessons either there or in your home. I also do day training - I will come and pick up your dog to do training at the facility or in a nearby park and then your dog off back at your home.
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
Private Lessons
Private Training