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  • Jamie Hulan
  • 916.640.5692
  • Sacramento, , CA UNITED STATES
APDT Member Since 2008

3 levels of group or pvt training classes are geared to pass all 10 items in the CGC exam.Plus tricks class to work the body and mind.
Training Equipment: Collar/Leash/harness/Gentle leaders/No pull harnesses (Front connection and the Sporn brand with sherpa sleeves). Any tools used are to minimize harm,pain and discomfort. You Don't need pain to train.
Training Philosophy: Science based,Positive reinforcement using your voice, body language, treats, toys, etc. to motivate and encourage the correct behavior and response, to lessen or extinguish the unwanted behavior, w/out pain/force. Do No Harm. Set them up to succeed.
Locations Served: Basic manners: Puppy (10 wks-5 mo. old + socialization) Beginner (5 mo. & older dogs), Intermediate (level 2 basic manners),Advanced (CGC work), Therapy Dog prep class, private and trick classes: PetSmart Sacramento,Natomas and the surrounding areas. You'll find me helping others at: 3641 Truxel Rd. Sacramento,CA 95834 (I-80 and Truxel between Walmart and Home Depot) Sacramento,Ca. 95834 Saving dog's lives. Need help with Therapy and Service dog training? We can work together to make your life or someone else's, better.
I have been training people and dogs since 1973, I have worked for a large Petstore since 2003. In 2007, I became an Accredited Area Trainer for them: I train other trainers to train Pet Parents and dogs. I am one of only a few, Independently certified Trainers in Sacramento with a CPDT-KA rating from CCPDT. I am an AKC Approved STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), and Community Canine (CGCA) and Urban Canine Evaluator, and a "Therapy Pet Unlimited" Evaluator. I am a certificate holder Off leash evaluator and instructor, and a member of "The Dog Guru's" Knowing dogs program, Earned a certificate for Pet CPR and First Aid from Pet Tech. I'm a supporting member of: IAABC, and several dog & cat rescues in the area. I help teach you to train your dog, you get to see the progress, and it works your dog around ever changing distractions. Pos. reinforcement is not permissive, I teach you to work "with" your dog. We start puppies at 10 weeks old to maximize the Critical Socializing time before 16 weeks, we do this by disinfecting our training area and all must show proof of minimum 1 set of Distemper and parvo shots Administered or approved by a vet, or they can not participate, (we do not accept titer test or self administered shots). The Amer. Vet Society of Animal Behavior and Dr.Robert K. Anderson DVM says to start socializing early. "More dogs die due to a lack of Socialization than they ever do from disease". Most dogs at the shelters are there due to lack of socializing and training, and they pay the ultimate price. All dogs at any age, can benefit from training. It's an Investment and you reap the rewards. Every dog is different, most can be trained using plan A, but some you have to have plan B and sometimes C, I bring that to the table with my years of experience. To change your dogs behavior, we must change ours. Set them up to succeed, and Do No Harm.
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