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APDT Member Since 2018

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As many of the trainers I know, I came to the profession later in my career after adopting a behaviourally difficult dog. I immersed myself in the science of animal training in my quest to help her. This led to a change in career and I have spent the last few years working in the animal behaviour department of a large humane society. I have assessed hundreds of dogs, taught many classes in obedience and foundation behaviours, and given many talks on aspects of canine and feline body language, how animals learn, and how we can best train them. I work with local pet owners to use modern, force free techniques based in science, to address behaviour problems.
Designations: KPA-CTP
Job Title: Companion Animal Trainer
Training Equipment: No prong, choke or e collar. Martingales and Head Halters may be used. Main equipment will be body harness and leash or flat collar and leash.
Training Philosophy: Force Free training based in science.
Locations Served: Calgary, Alberta
Services Offered
Behavioral Consultation
Clicker Training
In-Home Training